never let you go

5/02/2010 09:05:00 PM

-->they say that hate has been sent / so let loose the talk of love / before they outlaw the kiss / baby give me one last hug

there's a dream / that i've been chasing / want so badly for it to be reality / and when you hold my hand / then i understand / that it's meant to be

cos’ baby when you're with me / it's like an angel came by, and took my to heaven / (it's like you took me to heaven boy ) / cos’ when i stare in your eyes / it couldnt be better
(i don't want you to go oh no sooo)

so let the music it blast / we gon' do our dance / praise the doubters on / they don't matter at all / cuz this lifes to long / and this love's to strong /so baby know for sho' / that i'll never let you go

i got my favorite boy / not feelin' no pain no fear / oh no, don't have a care in the world / why would i, when you are here / there's a moment i've been chasin
and i finally caught it out on this floor / baby, there's no hesitation, / no reservation by taking a chance and more
ohh noo, because

take my hand, lets just dance / watch my feet, follow me / don't be scared, boy i'm here
if you didn't know, this is loooovee

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