gambar aku :D

1/20/2011 09:42:00 AM

My first Picture
(owl : owlcity, cat, sunset, canon, blanckberry, tiger skin ,rainbow, Netherland, dutch flag, crayon, ice cream, watermelon )

My second picture , for my sister birthday. She asked me to draw about her for her birthday gift. so I draw Japan flag ( she loves Japan so much ), Charles & Keith Bag, mangosteen, pharmacy symbol, pill, capsule, birthday cake, Money, Her family and her house too , and she loves Bugs bunny so I draw rabbit :p

My third picture. don't forget, I was drawing for my boylfriend. I draw ball ( basketball, footbal ), and he's good at playing tennis, so I drew a tennis racket and tennis balls. comic , his favorite food is hamburger, her jersey number 0, and his car plate number : B 8373 RR

My fourth picture is for my second sister , Susan. She doesn't like to drink mineral water, She prefers to drink cola or tea. fireworks, her favorite pet : dog :)

My fifth picture. sama kaya gambar pertama cuman ditambah : stitch,kincir,keju

My sixth picture , for Aryo again :) ada spiderman, dia ga suka udang , tembok cina , dia suka prancis & inggris, payung ( geng payung :D )

Semua gambar aku , kerjaan selama liburan.
nanti mau posting gambar-gambar yang lain karena masih ada project yg lain :D

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